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Chic Corner Shelf

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IMG-7766 Edited.JPG
IMG-7752 Edited.JPG

What could normally be considered boring or difficult to place in a room, I refinished this Chic Corner Shelf to make it glam and perfect to brighten up a corner! For this piece, it's all about the details, like the unique wallpaper, lovely curved woodwork, and shiny hardware. Remember, furniture doesn't have to remain the way it is - I included wallpaper even in the area under the cabinet if the owner ever wanted to take off the door for more of a showcase piece.

Sunshine Cart


When I found this cart in its original condition, I recognized so much potential in the caster wheels. I drew inspiration from the wheels; those are, in fact, what inspired me to select the bold yellow color! The sunflower decals broke up the color and gave this cart great character. This cart is one that continues to make me smile!

Starry Jewelry Box 

What is better than a mini piece to store on a dresser or table to hold jewelry and other little knick knacks?! I decided to liven this piece up with a brighter color and star details so whoever uses it can be reminded of just how bright they shine. I cleaned the original hardware and kept the inside drawers original. 

Flower Power Coffee Table

I wanted to experiment with creative techniques while refinishing this piece which I accomplished in the form of decals, patterns, and ombre painting on the legs. The entire piece was inspired by the beautiful flower decals on the top of the table. I think this would be great in a girl's room or as a fun coffee or side table. This table is still currently for sale and can be purchased here.

Coastal Chic Dresser

IMG-8055 (1).jpg
IMG-8059 (1).jpg
IMG-8060 (1).jpg

This Coastal Chic Dresser's lines were something that caught my eye the moment I saw the original piece. Mostly white with a pop of blue and gold details, this piece would be an unforgettable accent to any space. Just when you think it couldn't get better, the open drawers display a beautiful liner for extra character!

Damsel in Distress

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IMG-0602 Edited.JPG
IMG-0621 Edited.JPG

This Damsel in Distress was just what I needed to complete the look in my living room. I was searching for something unique, dark, and rustic, and this checked all of the boxes! I added gold accents to the beautiful woodwork and painted the top and middle areas white, distressing the white to reveal gold undertones. Glam, versatile, and a statement - without being too much! See more about this one in my blog post here.

Farmhouse Industrial Vanity


A client asked me to restore a vanity that has been in her family for years. Rather than replacing it, she wanted to continue its legacy and keep her family with her! This vanity required a strenuous stripping process. Once the old paint was removed, I used chalk paint to create a distressed, industrial look. It is sealed with varnish and is ready for many makeup applications!

IMG_1211 Edited.jpg

(Pictured in client's home).

Bee Happy Coffee Table


Coffee tables have such a great vibe - they can be energizing and welcoming when starting a new day or calming and restoring when wrapping up a day - or anything in between! This coffee table started as plain (see my blog post on the refinishing process for this one) and I gave it a new life in gray and white tones with slight distressing and a weathered look. I finished it with clear wax to protect it for years to come! I have a feeling this will be a part of many happy memories.

Pretty in Pink Nightstands

IMG-8943 (1).jpg

Tickle me pink! This pair went from drab brown to lively pink! Updated, white hardware and a mint green drawer liner with pops of pink complete the piece. Don't be afraid of color in your space - it adds texture and personality! Use color as a simple accent, or accentuate it with similar-colored patterns present in your space.

Dazzling Desk


Spaces motivate our mindset. When designing your space, include pieces that will bring the best out of you. This was once a makeup vanity that is now a desk for working from home. Styled with a white chair, this combination is not bad to wake up to on a Monday morning! Just remember a coaster for your coffee :) 

Buffalo Plaid Chest


Multi-purpose pieces are the best - who doesn't love to get the most out of something? I glammed up this steamer trunk by painting it with chalk paint (and then waxing it), and also by adding some cute, farmhouse-glam liner inside of it. Something like this is perfect for seating, storage, or a place to store cute decor between seasons.

Spring has Sprung Vertical Chest

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This was a client piece where I was asked to transform it into an "antique white." After some back and forth on the exact shade of white, we settled on this one! I completed this piece in the spring right around when the weather started to warm up and it reminded me so much of summer and airiness. I painted all of this, including the inside and the drawers! The look really encompasses sophistication and a streamlined feel throughout. This would be perfect in a beach or lake house. 

Versatile Shutter


This Versatile Shutter has DIY written all over it. I purchased the shutter as a ragged piece that really needed a paint job. While I was at it, I added three, cute little mason jars to its front as well. A shutter like this works outside or inside and the mason jar decor can be switched out per season! When it comes to seasonal decor, I am all about classy -not corny - and this shutter is all class. 

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