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Headboard Overhaul

Something as simple as a headboard can change the look of a bedroom completely. It's such a simple step to completing your space that is often overlooked.

When I moved into my last apartment, I purchased a pink leather headboard to brighten up the gray walls. It was perfect for that space! However, when I moved into my new apartment, I needed a more sophisticated headboard that matched my new decor.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that initial ~$200 investment into my pink headboard would go a long way when it got this fabulous cheetah makeover. I figured, why buy a brand new headboard when I have one that is perfect already?

Also - have you SEEN the price of a cheetah-print headboard?! That was enough to get my supplies out and get to work.

What you need for your headboard makeover:

Measure your headboard prior to purchasing the fabric to be sure you will have enough of it. I recommend purchasing more fabric that the headboard actually measures. Once you have the fabric, find a space that is large enough to lay the fabric down the width of the headboard. I suggest 2 inches more fabric on all sides of the headboard than its actual dimensions. Once measured out, lay the headboard on top of the fabric and start folding the fabric over the headboard.

Use the staple gun to secure the fabric in place, ensuring that it is flush to the headboard (this will avoid bubbling or the use of too much fabric). Use the fabric scissors to make space in any tight corners.

That is it! This took me way less time than anticipated and I love the look of my new headboard. Benefits of doing this yourself include:

  • You get to pick your own fabric and design! It is basically custom :)

  • Saves serious money

  • Recycles a headboard that otherwise may have ended up in a landfill

  • Sense of accomplishment!

Another option would have been to use leather or chalk paint to paint this. Also, If you have a wooden headboard, you can use any time of paint to accomplish your dream look!

I have so enjoyed chilling in my self-made oasis :) Do you have any ideas for switching up your headboard look? I’d love to hear!

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