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Cooking up some Kitchen Decor

Today I want to talk about how to style a space that is traditionally known for cooking. The kitchen! Specifically, shelves in the kitchen.

Shelves. They can make such an impact or not be noticeable at all! Rather than wasting space, I decorated the shelves in my kitchen in a functional way that still incorporates the glam-chic vibes present throughout my space.

When thinking through your decorating process, It might be hard to think about what you want to actually place on your shelves. My question for you is...what do you like? Do you cook often enough where a few cookbooks could be stacked on top of one another? What about making cocktails? I personally love a good margarita - could you purchase a fun shaker to include as a unique piece of decor? Something we all use are salt & pepper shakers. There are so many aesthetic ones available today that it would be crazy not to incorporate!

Here is an example of me mixing a few of my favorite things - I am a healthy eater that loves to read about nutrients in food. I also love yoga. So, I stacked a couple of health books with a yoga statue on top of the books:

If I ever see another food-related book I want to purchase, I know where I can include it! The key here is functional & cute. You don't have to waste space with unnecessary decor that is just pretty to look at. It can be pretty AND something you will use often. You can have your cake and eat it too!

One other thing I will call out - COLOR. You might have noticed I have multiple touches of teal incorporated on these shelves. I like to have a main color sewn throughout a spread, and then pull in a few other soft colors for texture.

The Boston Red Sox framed picture came from my last apartment that didn’t originally have a home in my new space. However, I set it on the top floating shelf for an unexpected surprise and a reminder of love for Boston. There is no “right” system for what to include on a shelf spread - anything is possible!

Need some more inspiration? Here’s a list of some easy items to incorporate on the shelves in your kitchen:

  • Framed pictures

  • Pretty bottles of wine

  • Statues

  • Plates / coffee mugs

  • Calendar (Etsy has really cute ones!)

  • Candles

  • Plants

  • Books

  • Salt / pepper, olive oil, coffee, etc (the trick with these items is putting them in aesthetically pleasing’s an example of one for coffee)

  • Letters (also could be a fun DIY project!)

  • Fruit bowls (with real or fake fruit)

  • Serving trays

Sundays for me include lots of relaxing and lots of cooking! Happy I can grab one of my books and get to it :)

Hope you all have a good week ahead. Let me know how you've decorated your shelves or how you are planning to in the future!

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