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Introducing the "Bathroom Cart"

We are officially in that stretch of “summer Fridays” which to me is like a normal Friday but even better. Anyone else feel that way? Savoring every moment of these over the next few months while we have them!

If you’re looking for a fun summer project, or simply just a better way to organize your bathroom space, let me introduce to you the concept of a “bathroom cart.” You heard correctly! Not a bar cart (I know, can’t help that summer Friday feeling that somehow brings margaritas and rose to the mind), but a bathroom cart. Let me explain.

My current apartment has a built in vanity that is great for storing skincare, medicine, hair tools, and other miscellaneous items. However, it missed the mark on a few other things either due to size or just sheer space constraints. Enter the bathroom cart.

This is a perfect solution to storing items that just couldn’t find a home in the vanity. I also chose to store items here that I access frequently, such as my mouthwash and toilet paper (this one is also great for guests who might be looking for toilet paper that may have run out). Here is a breakdown of how I thought through putting the bathroom cart together:

Top Shelf:

I chose to place taller items here since they wouldn’t fit in my built-in vanity nor on the lower shelves of the bathroom cart. My mouthwash and tub cleaner are settled in the right corner for quick and daily access.

Then, rather than throwing items like q-tips and cotton swabs in a plastic bag in a drawer, I decided to utilize some glassware I had from my last place to store them for a more chic and sophisticated look:

Middle Shelf:

Items here are not utilized as frequently as those on the top shelf and include an extra face towel, room sprays, and an extra roll of toilet paper. I included the towel and room sprays here to add some color and texture to the cart. It also pulls together the aesthetic of the entire bathroom, creating a unified flow throughout the space:

Bath and Body Works has the cutest room sprays for any aesthetic you are going for!

Bottom shelf:

Here I included some final, lingering items. My washer and dryer is conveniently located in my bathroom, so I placed my laundry detergent and dryer sheets here. This makes it easy to grab when throwing in a load of laundry. I also included a couple of bath bombs for a spa-like vibe:

Again, the bath bombs pull in the main pink/black/white aesthetic I have present in my bathroom to keep things consistent!

If you have the space and items to create a bathroom cart, I highly recommend it! Although mine is gray steel, you can definitely choose one that more closely matches the vibe of your space. Here are a few options:

If you do decide to get one and style it, here is a recap of the tips outlined above!

  • Place taller items on the top shelf

  • Place frequently accessed items on the top shelf for easy, convenient access

  • Get creative with the items in your middle shelf

  • Think of guests when assembling this! Is there anything they might be looking for while visiting that they might not want to ask you for?

  • If your bathroom has laundry, why not incorporate your laundry items on your cart?!

  • Want a total spa vibe? Make most of your cart all about the spa. I kept mine pretty functional, but a spa is a great theme as well!

  • Understand the theme and aesthetic in your bathroom, and then incorporate items on your bathroom cart that have the same color/theme/aesthetic. Rather than just being a place for storage, your bathroom cart will quickly become a beautiful addition to the pre-existing decor in your space

Let me know if you decide to put together a bathroom cart! I’d love to see your pictures and ideas.

I’m off to enjoy this summer Friday - I hope you have a nice weekend :)

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