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How to: Farmhouse Industrial Vanity

I feel like farmhouse is having a major MOMENT. Do you agree? I live in Massachusetts so the trend has not been as popular, but it is still certainly feeling the love.

I had a client reach out about a vanity she owned that she wanted refinished. It is a special story where the vanity has been in her family for years and has been used by generations before her. She really wanted to use the vanity but was not in love with the style it was before I refinished it:

The vanity itself is so stunning; the curvature and woodwork really stood out to me. As I perused it and devised a refinishing plan, I decided I would strip it completely to remove the original paint. Check out the process I follow for stripping paint on this blog post! The vanity’s paint removal did take a little longer just because there was SO MUCH paint on it. I was close to popping a bottle of champagne when I finally got down to the original wood :)

Finally having a clean slate to work with, I began to paint the vanity. I used two shades of Jolie Chalk Paint to accomplish the final look of the vanity. I first applied two coats of Graphite to all pieces of the vanity (including drawers, mirror, vanity, mirror stands, stool). See my Instagram reel featuring all of the amazing pieces that make this vanity whole!

Then, I used a dry brushing technique with Gesso White to achieve a distressed/farmhouse look without actually distressing the piece.

Once dry brushing was complete, I sealed the piece with Wise Oil's Matte varnish. This is a really important step especially for a piece like a vanity since it will get a lot of wear. The varnish adds a protective finish that will keep the paint safe for a long time. For the mirror stands, I used a clear wax since they wouldn’t get as much wear.

One of my favorite parts of projects like this are the details! I included a fun, farmhouse-y drawer liner with some industrial drawer pulls:

Although small, details like this truly make the piece unique and custom. Where else can I get this exact combination?! That is one of the huge benefits of getting your furniture refinished - you get to make the piece exactly what you want for the space it will be in. I worked with this vanity’s owner from the moment she showed me the initial picture and we created exactly what she wanted!

Here it is in my client's home fully assembled:

I feel so happy knowing this vanity gets another chance to shine. This was definitely one of my favorite pieces so far! Have you hopped on the farmhouse trend??

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