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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Have you ever received flowers from someone (or purchased for yourself) and instantly feel 10x better? They smell amazing, brighten up any space, and are not that expensive if purchased at your local market. How can you go wrong?

I just moved into a new apartment last month and each week I’ve picked up a new bouquet of flowers when I do my grocery run. I place them in a large mason jar vase which adds some casual character to my apartment. The mason jar makes just enough of a statement without it being too fancy, you know?

There is something so exciting about being able to create a new look with something as simple as flowers each week. I tend to pick out different types depending on the day and even incorporate seasonal decor into the bouquet depending on the holiday, which is an easy way to switch up the look! Check out the Valentine’s hearts in the bouquet below:

I grabbed these hearts at The Christmas Tree Shops - I got 15 of them for $3.99. Super versatile and fun!

My favorite places to grab flowers are Wegmans and Trader Joe’s. Look for the “value bouquet” at Wegmans (which means inexpensive :) ) and you’re not paying more than $4! It’s like buying a new decoration each week but less expensive than your daily latte.

Would love to see how you liven up your space with flowers!



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